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ICA's Duster 3000 Downdraft is the original mobile prep station for the collision repair industry. In production since 1992, the Duster 3000 Downdraft is in use throughout the world. It is lightweight and mobile, efficient and economical to operate. It allows technicians to prep vehicles anywhere on the shop floor and provides a cleaner, safer and healthier work environment for all shop employees.


The Duster 3000 Downdraft is powerful enough to clean all the air in up to 5,000 sq. ft. floor area, delivering over 3,000 cfm and re-circulating existing shop air. 4-stage filtration removes harmful invisible airborne dust particles down to 3 microns (including 'Bondo' dust) at 94% efficiency. Activated carbon filters remove unwanted toxic fumes and V.O.C. s from the atmosphere.


The unit requires a standard 110Vac, 15 Amp supply, and costs very little to operate over an 8 hour shift. With a compact foot print of only 6.5 sq ft and weighing only 181lbs, it can easily be moved to where it is needed.


The choice is simple ' 'Choose the Air you breathe' and improve productivity.


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