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Shopline Automotive Paint

The Shopline Auto and Fleet Paint system from PPG Refinish provides an economical and effective refinish solution for value-focused collision repair shops and fleet refinishers. PPG Shopline is distributed exclusively by Western Paint & Equipment, Alberta's PPG Platinum Distributor. Shopline meets refinish or coatings requirements with more than 5 Top coat options, and a number of Primer Surfacers, Sealers and Clear coats.

Western Paint & Equipment has the full PPG Shopline Product range available, and we are proud to be the Premium Automotive Refinish Supplier for Edmonton, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, St Albert and Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Our Shopline automotive paint mixing system is capable of mixing 8 topcoat qualities including:

  • MAE Acrylic Enamel
  • MLX 2.8 VOC Acrylic Enamel
  • MTK Acrylic Urethane
  • MTX 2.8 VOC Single Stage Urethane
  • MBC Basecoat
  • MBP Acrylic Urethane Basecoat
  • MBX 3.5 VOC Basecoat
  • MBPX 3.5 VOC Acrylic Urethane

The Shopline system by PPG is more than paint is a complete range of refinish products from general purpose Shopline cleaners to solvents and paint thinners. In total, PPG's Shopline offers 10 Undercoat Qualities, 8 Topcoat Qualities and 6 Clearcoat options as part of a fully-compliant system.

Shopline Paint Selection Guide

Shopline is available in three packages ranging from Good, to Better, to Best depending on your application. For the value-conscious customer, the basic Shopline system is perfect for the general refinishing of older vehicles, used cars and commercial equipment. When overall cost is a key factor, this is the choice for you.

The Mid-Tier Shopline range refinishing system is primarily used for refinishing newer vehicles or used cars, and provides a superior finish which factors into the product selection. For newer vehicles including cars, trucks and SUVs where superior gloss and fast application are essential, the Shopline Premium refinishing system is the best choice available.

Shopline Surface Cleaner

Cleaner cleans and prepares surfaces before sanding and before applying the first coat of paint.

Shopline Primer

Epoxy Primer protects bare metal from corrosion and improves adhesion in preparation for following paint coats.

Etch Primer provides an effective acid etch pre-treatment for bare metal surfaces. It inhibits corrosion and improves bare metal adhesion and overall corrosion protection. It is applied before the Primer Surfacer.

Shopline Primer Surfacer

Shopline Acrylic Surfacer is our value-option which delivers good fill and easy-sanding before primer is applied.

2K High-Build Primer Surfacer from the Shopline Mid-Range and Premium systems provides higher build, fast dry times, and excellent holdout and durability as well as easy-sanding characteristics. It is specially designed to improve topcoat holdout when applied over prepared OE or repaired panels before topcoat application.

Shopline Primer Sealer

GP Sealer from the Value-Conscious system offers improved adhesion and topcoat holdout It also helps provide a uniform colour, appearance and superior adhesion when applied over primer or an OE or repaired panel before the final topcoat application.

For improved topcoat holdout and adhesion for the final topcoat, you'll want to step up to Shopline Epoxy Primer.

Our 2K Sealer, optional on the Premium Refinishing System, is also used to improve topcoat holdout on OE or repaired panels.

Shopline Topcoats

The Shopline single-stage system is our most price-sensitive offering. It provides a superior Acrylic Enamel top-coat. Note: clear coat is not required for this system.

Shopline Acrylic Basecoat and MTK Acrylic Urethane systems offer superior base/clear and premium direct-gloss systems which rival paint systems costing much more.

Acrylic Urethane Basecoat is a Premium Basecoat system that offers superior colour-matching capability for newer vehicles.

Shopline Clear Coats

Quick Clear is a user-friendly, mid-tier Clear coat that offers fast dry times and excellent buffing characteristics.

Our user-friendly High Solids Urethane Clear works well with the Premium refinishing system. Additionally, our 4.2 VOC Production Clear is known for its speed and excellent appearance.

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