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Pro Spot Quality Welding Systems

Western Paint & Equipment is Alberta's source for Pro Spot Resistance Welders, Aluminum Repair Equipment and more. We are proud to stock a full range of Pro Spot collision repair equipment. Pro Spot products are designed to help your shop run efficiently and profitably.  Western Paint & Equipment also carries a full range of Pro Spot accessories.

OEM-matching Resistance Welders

Pro Spot i4S The i4s Smart Spot Welder features all the things technicians love about the i4 and more. Built in training provides technicians immediate resources to get the job done faster than ever. With our Wifi connectivity, you will receive automatic updates from Pro Spot and weld log reporting via email.

Pro Spot i5 Pro Spot's i5 SMART Spot Welder features a new medium frequency trans-gun capable of delivering 14,500A with 1,243 lbs (565 daN) of electrode force. The i5 is designed to handle all new ultra high strength steels including Boron, etc. The operator can choose between two different modes AUTO and MANUAL for the two-sided spot welding.

Welders and Repair Stations

Pro Spot SP-5 DP

The SP-5 Double Pulse MIG Welder was designed with microprocessor controls and weld programs specifically geared for the collision repair industry. Applications include Aluminum MIG/MAG, MIG Brazing, Steel MIG/MAG, Root Welding, TIG and MMA/Stick Welding

Pro Spot NP-3 Nitrogen Plastic Welder The Nitrogen Plastic Welder uses hot nitrogen gas to restructure common plastic components in automotive repair -- from cracked bumper cover surfaces to hinged tabs. Nitrogen is used as a shielding gas to prevent the plastic from burning during the weld process -- producing a strong, lasting weld. Compressed air is used to maintain consistent temperature between welds -- the nitrogen is only activated when pulling the trigger so that it's not wasted between welds.

At Western Paint & Equipment, we also stock Prospot's exceptional PR-5 Riveter, as well as Pro Spot Plastic, Metal and Aluminum Repair Workstations. Call us for more information!

Training for Pro Spot in Western Canada

Western Paint & Equipment offers direct training support for Pro Spot in Western Canada for squeeze-type resistance spot welders (STRSW) on the latest welding models like the Pro Spot i4S, i5, SP-2, SP-5-DP, and PR-200 resistance, spot and aluminum welders.

Visit Western Paint & Equipment in Edmonton for more information about Pro Spot in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our office and warehouse is located at 15912-116th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta.

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